OSHA Certified

All BMC employees are OSHA 10 trained when they are hired.

At Buckeye along with OSHA certification, our safety  department issues a weekly safety topic memo to stay aware of safety scenarios that may occur.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Our "Zero tolerance" drug/alcohol policy ensures a safe work environment. We monitor this through our safety department and issue drug testing to all employees.

This is administered through 
Nursing Corps, before employment and are maintained by random tests.

Daily Safety 

When on site we perform a daily safety meeting and 
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before we start work.
We also provide our employees with personal protective equipment, and our supervision monitor daily compliance.

Accountability and Reporting

At Buckeye Mechanical we feel strongly about our accountability regarding safety. Our safety department will conduct monthly jobsite inspections, to ensure all employees are following proper procedures.

All information that is obtained is reviewed by supervision, also  we report to ISNetworld for our clients to review.